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Will Bitcoin Hit $1 Million By 2028? Experts Clash Over Bold Price Prediction

Tuur Demeester, a Bitcoin evangelist, has recently shared his views on Bitcoin’s potential to reach the $1 million mark by 2028. Demeester’s view on this topic presents a cautious contrast to some of the more bullish predictions in the crypto community.

This tempered perspective comes when others, such as Samson Mow, express strong confidence in Bitcoin’s ability to hit this milestone following its next halving.

$1 Million Bitcoin By 2028 Is Not Certain

Demeester’s skepticism was articulated in response to a post sharing a graph by investor Fred Krueger, which suggested that Bitcoin might reach the $1,000,000 level by 2028.

The Bitcoin graph shared by investor Fred Krueger.

While appreciating the graph’s model, Demeester expressed uncertainty, acknowledging the unpredictable nature of the market and its capacity to defy even the most well-constructed models.