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Injective (INJ) Price In Danger If It Falls To Crucial Support Level: Analyst

INJ, the native token of the Injective Network, commenced May with a fluctuating price action marked by a series of significant losses and gains. As INJ attempts to establish a stable price trajectory, popular market analyst with X handle Crypto Tony has highlighted a pivotal support zone for the altcoin in the coming weeks. 

INJ Must Not Fall Below $19.30 Level, Analyst Warns

In an X post on Friday, Crypto Tony shared a vital insight on the INJ market which could create a sentiment of caution among many traders. The renowned analyst stated that INJ must maintain a market price above the $19.30 price zone, warning that a dip below this support level could spell danger for investors.

While Crypto Tony did not say the extent of this danger, the possible loss seems to be likely massive as his statements implied the INJ bull traders could struggle to re-establish market control should the token’s price fall below the specified threshold. Furthermore, the analyst stated that early investors of INJ including himself would be immune to this potential downside. However, he still plans to pull out of the Injective market should the token lose its $19.30 support zone.

Currently, INJ trades around $24.70 reflecting a gain of 4.68% in the last day after a period of intense market volatility. The altcoin appears to be gathering momentum for a bullish trend following negative performances in recent weeks resulting in a decline of 24.07% in the last 30 days. 

What’s Next For Injective? 

With respect to a highly anticipated crypto bull run, INJ, which gained by over 3,000% in 2023, has been marked by several analysts as one potentially favorable altcoin for investment in the coming weeks.

Interestingly, these sentiments have been bolstered in recent weeks by a series of positive developments on the Injective network. For instance, Injective recorded 2.4 million transactions in a single day marking a new milestone in daily transactions for the Layer 1 network. 

In particular, the Injective 3.0 network upgrade has also been recently approved which is expected to tackle the inflationary problems of the INJ by decreasing the token’s minimum and maximum creation rate by 25% and 30%, respectively over the next two years on a uniform quarterly basis. 

Through these deflationary measures, it is expected that INJ would experience an increased scarcity which could, in turn, drive up the altcoin’s market value, thus contributing to a positive performance in the expected crypto bull run. However, investors are reminded that all cryptocurrencies are subject to varying levels of market volatility and are admonished to trade with all necessary caution.

InjectiveINJ trading at $24.66 on the daily chart | Source: INJUSDT chart on