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FTX Exploiter Transfers 5,000 ETH Ahead Of Ether Futures ETF Launch

Some 5,000 ETH, worth over $8.2 million, have been moved from a wallet address associated with the FTX hacker. This development marks the first time assets have been transferred out of the hacker’s wallet following the exploit about a year ago.

FTX Hacker Moves 5,000 ETH, Spot On Chain Reveals

Marked as one the biggest crypto heists ever, the now-defunct FTX exchange suffered a loss of over $600 million through an hack in November 2022, a few hours after filing for bankruptcy. 

According to the on-chain analytics platform Spot On Chain, the FTX exploiter has now transferred 5,000 ETH in two transactions, moving 2,500 ETH to two separate wallets with a space of two hours between both transactions.