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Filecoin (FIL) Surges Another 9.3%, Are The Bulls Getting Ready For More?

Filecoin (FIL) has been among the top gainers during the current market rally. Throughout February, FIL has shown a formidable performance fueled by the bullish momentum and its partnership with a major blockchain.

This performance has analysts and important crypto actors predicting a potential bullish run around the corner for the decentralized storage network’s native token.

Should Filecoin Investors Get Ready For A Bull Run?

Pseudonym analyst and trader Crypto Breakout highlighted that FIL broke through a crucial resistance in the 3-day timeframe, signaling that the “bulls return with force.” The chart shared by the analyst illustrates a downtrend pattern in FIL’s price since 2022.

Two years ago, as the chart below shows, the token traded at $11 before facing a pullback that shredded about 70% of the token’s value in the following months. By February 2023, the token recovered and broke through the $9 resistance level before repeating a similar downtrend.

Since 2023, the price has remained well below this level, only breaking through the $8 support zone once at the very beginning of 2024. Throughout January, FIL’s price had a turbulent performance, falling around 40%.

The price has picked up the crypto market uptrend, and, as the analyst highlights, it has been gaining positive momentum. The 3-day time frame shows that FIL has been following an upward trend that led to the token breaking through the crucial $8 support zone this Friday.

As the post suggests, this break out of the downtrend could signal FIL’s “beginning of an epic bullish rally” and that investors should “get ready for exciting moves ahead.”

Renowned crypto analyst Ali Martinez made a similar prediction. Earlier this week, Martinez highlighted Filecoin moving within a parallel channel on the 3-day chart. He suggested a successful breakthrough from the $8.50 barrier could catapult the token’s price to $25.5.

Artur Hayes Predicts $100 As FIL Continues To Rise

After the token’s recent surge, BitMEX co-founder Arthur Hayes shared his FIL prediction. On an X (former Twitter) post, Hayes forecasted that FIL’s price would rally to $100, also calling the arrival of the bull market.